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Helping Dogs in Need: Simple Ways You Can Make a Difference Today

Helping Dogs in Need: Simple Ways You Can Make a Difference Today

Helping Dogs in need is an incredible way to make a difference.

Sometimes it can also mean the difference between life and death for an abandoned, abused, or neglected pet.

Today, Paws Galore shares how you can give back.

Help Animals Get Adopted

While roughly 1.5 million shelter adoptions take place in the UK each year, this is less than half the number of animals entering shelters.

Animal homelessness is one of the most significant issues in the space. Here’s how you can help:

Foster: If you’re not quite ready to adopt, becoming a foster parent provides relief to crowded shelters and offers the pet a higher quality of life.
Run an adoption non-profit: This will be a hands-on way to showcase animals needing adoption.  Running your own non-profit is also an excellent way to involve yourself in the community.
Start a social media campaign: Featuring animals in need of adoption in your local area on social channels increases reach and the likelihood of early adoption.


There is no shortage of advocacy options available for all kinds of commitment levels. Following are some ways to get started:

Sign petitionsSupport animal rights petitions and local organizations that advocate for relief from animal testing or chained animals.
Raise awareness: Lobby politicians and attend local government meetings to engage directly with policymakers to institute change at a deeper level.
Volunteer: Check out this list of excellent animal advocacy organizations you can volunteer at!

Lead By Example

The best way to make a difference is to be the change. Try the following strategies in your daily life:

Report misconduct: If you see a mistreated or endangered animal, report it to local authorities as soon as possible.
Donate: Money isn’t the only option for donation. Used items like leashes, pet beds, and toys work, too.
Proper exercise: If you’re a pet owner, make sure your pet gets enough exercise. If you have a dog, go for walks — if you live in an area with a high walk score, take advantage of any parks or dog-friendly restaurants nearby.

Helping animals in need is an incredibly rewarding experience. Not only are you helping improve the quality of life for a pet, but you’re also inviting love and abundance into your life by paying it forward!

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