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Summer Road Trips Are Calling!

Keep your furry friend safe, secure and comfortable with our all new PetBoost travel seat, available in a range of sizes that are perfect for any breed!

Hear Some Tails From Our Happy Pup Parents

  • Caroline G

    "My lovely Spanish water dogs drying off after the beach. Great product, easy to put on and super sticky Velcro so the coats don’t slip off."

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  • PawCool™ Dog Sprinkler Pad-Paws Galore

    Hattie L

    "I have a Golden Retriever with a lot of energy and loves the water. Combining the two, this item is just amazing! He played for nearly an hour as soon as i set it up!”

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  • Jess H

    “Absolutely thrilled with our new purchase! We received the PawCool Sprinkler Pad today, and it looks amazing!. Although it's our first day using it, I must say, it's already a roaring success with our energetic pup, Buddy. We couldn't be happier!"

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  • Shauna P

    “I think this is the best thing I’ve ever gotten for my dog! He plays with the splash pad for hours. Very good quality!”

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  • Tom M

    "I was skeptical about a sprinkler pad, but this product blew me away. The design is genius and the water shoots up just right to keep my dog engaged. It's a solid investment for any pet owner wanting endless fun and relief from the heat"

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  • Laura A

    "Very comfortable to clean my dog's paws, he is a big dog and the large size is perfect, it reaches his elbow. It doesn't hurt at all, I insert each paw two or three times and remove all the dirt, then dry well with a wipe. It's perfect when it's raining and muddy, or when he gets into puddles to play. Easy to clean too!"

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  • Sophia G

    "I can't believe I didn't discover this dog bathrobe sooner! It's soft, lightweight, and our pup, Milo, seems to enjoy wearing it. Bath time has become a stress-free experience for both of us."

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  • Drake N

    “I love this, the size and shape are very pleasing. More importantly my dog loves it too 🐈‍⬛”

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  • Jade K

    “I absolutely adore everything about it—its size, how easy it is to set up, and its remarkable durability. Not to mention, the ability to adjust the water pressure is a fantastic feature. I am genuinely delighted to have this in my possession. Both Rover and Daisy, my two lovely dogs absolutely love it!!”

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